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DESCRIPTION : Last week I featured the photographer Blackula, this week I will be featuring a similar artist I often frequent in my collections and he goes by the name of FLEX. People usually take the camera from childhood, shot on film, then - the first digital cameras, etc. I was all spontaneous spring 2007. I decided to buy a digital camera. Over time, started making more and more often ... a few months to understand what to SLR. The money collected in February 2008 bought his first DSLR. Until the spring shot mostly at home. When warmed up, the opportunity to film outdoors in natural lighting. Opened up new opportunities for creativity, began to realize what I was doing, why, for whom. Enter the world of pictures and very quickly it has acquired a different meaning, I realized that it is important to not only capture the moment and capture the atmosphere. Need to feel a scenario happening, to understand why and what is happening in the frame, even if the audience will not understand or will not know the photo should live their own lives. At the beginning of the way into the picture, I chose a fairly complex creative direction in the photo - dark art . Although it started with images of ordinary people and nature. Dark art - is to some extent a vision of the world, my main course now. However, began to receive commercial orders are completely unrelated to the main direction of creativity. It has enabled me to realize now as a professional photographer. world of professional photography has opened for me in 2010, when he decided to evolve towards beauty. This helped me a team of experts (stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, designers, etc.) by implementing its tasks. Beauty-picture - this is a huge space to work with light photographer and retoucher for - to be 2011 retouching took Irina Istratova (Big Bad Red) - fotomanipulyator and professional retoucher. It is possible to raise the processing to a new level. Beauty-photography has become a major focus of our work. Opened a new creative direction - photo manipulation. This new art form, which arose at the intersection of photography and drawing. This direction makes it possible to realize a fantasy person with photographic precision. Transfer to Kiev in 2012 was a new stage in the development. Now, when doing photography, still shooting at each learn something new. I try not to stay in the creative development, to encourage non-light scheme, to try new methods of treatment to apply this experience in the professional activities ... FLEXDreams In: Hello! A: Hi. Q: we know? A: No. But I'm always open for new contacts and people. In: what's your name? A: Istratov Stanislav Igorevich. Q: how old are you? A: I was born March 9, 1983. In: Why Flex? A: this is due to the flexibility. In this case the consciousness. Q: why didn't you reply to comments? A: I am reading. Questions you can ask personally. Q: how long did you take the photo? About: 22.05.07 made the first photo. Q: what is your camera/lens? About: Pentax K-5 + Pentax SMC DA 40 mm F2.8 Limited + Pentax SMC FA 77 mm F1.8 Limited + Pentax SMC FA 50 mm F1.4 + Pentax DA 18-55 mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR Q: where have you studied photography? A: Nowhere. In: photography for your hobby or job? A: this is a job and the only way of earning. Q: Do you master classes? A: Yes, solo. Q: can I post some of your work on another site or blog? A: Yes, but without the changes, additions, cropping the images and links to this site. In: under what conditions can take a picture? A: the Options of taking part in a photo shoot: 1. would you like to order a photo session. You get the idea, organizing a photo shoot on a turn-key basis, processing of selected photos. More details: 2. you have a unique idea that might interest me. Also, you can implement a shot under the key (find location, makeup artist, hair stylist required props, clothing). Subject to the terms TFP, a processed photo on my choice to each image within a month or the entire raw material at the end of this period. 3. If you are interested to participate in the filming for the sake of process, you can rent a good Studio for 2 + hours. In it we will be able to work on a TFCD-give only the raw material. 4. you are professional model with extensive experience filming and you wonder refill portfolio on TFP/TFCD. Fill in the application form ( and come to the test shot, talk, learn and discuss further cooperation. 5. If you are an aspiring model and you wish to replenish your portfolio with interesting and high-quality photos, then order a photo session. Will make a discount. 6. If you do not pay for the shooting, then I have some ideas and concepts that require budget (from $ 500). They are ready to implement a TFP/TFCD. Q: what is TFP/TFCD? A: more detail can be found on Wikipedia. In: do you work on TFP? A: no, but sometimes practicing this kind of shooting for the replenishment of the portfolio. But they can only count models, which have long been working on a permanent basis. In: do you work on a TFCD? A: Yes. If a good idea, in the photo shoot and rent of PhotoStudio. Q: when will photos c TFP/TFCD shoot? A: I have very much not the disassembled material as they are ready to let. Frequency asked questions, unfortunately, does not affect the speed of processing, but only Angers and distracting. Usually within months of going on photo processing, if this does not happen – when this date expires, giving away the raw material. Q: How do I get photos processed with TFCD shoot? A: only under condition of payment processing of your photos. Q: what happens if I am late to work or come on a shot? A: in the case of TFP/TFCD-material will be given not earlier than in a month. In the case of spot test is never going to work with you. Q: I have a friend make up artist/hairdresser/stylist. I'd like to invite him on a shot to lower their costs? A: Yes, but it should be a good specialist that will set him the task. Q: I can't afford to pay for the services of a makeup artist/hair stylist/stylist/Retoucher. You can be photographed without them? A: Yes, but I'll take off on the phone. Q: what is a model release? A: the Model release (model realease) is a model release, which allows the photographer to publish photos that depict the model. Signing it is a mandatory condition for TFP/TFCD shoot. Q: how much time processing one photo? A: differently. From half an hour to several days. In: which city do you live? About: Ukraine. Kiev. Q: do you work in other cities? A: Yes. Visit to Donetsk, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg. Q: what are the terms and conditions of cooperation with you? About: Terms And Conditions: 1. don't shoot birthday parties, landscapes, pets, objects don't do passport photos. 2. Shoot both in the Studio and on the road. 3. the model should reach 18 years of age (in rare cases, can make an exception if the filming would take place in the presence of a parent model). 4. before shooting I need to see the model at least in photos. 5. If you liked a picture from my portfolio, and you would like the photos were made in a similar style, in order to save time, use their links. 6. in assigning tasks do not understand words: atmosphere, mood, background, beautiful, interest 7. the presence of outsiders (friends, relatives, etc.) on the shooting forbidden and not discussed. 8. do not shoot people while intoxicated. Just don't accept alcohol in preparation for or during the shooting. 9. Raw material was available. 10. Handle or modifying photographs without my written permission is strictly prohibited. 11. any cured material can be posted without notice to you. 12. If the material cannot be used as a portfolio and/or for commercial purposes, the price increases. 13. model release Signed (a contract between model and photographer). To do this, you must have a passport. 14. costs related to the shooting are paid by the customer separately. 15. Work on a prepaid basis.