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We Have a Technical 180: Cemetery Confections

We're joined by The Count of Cemetery Confessions and The Belfry Network for a pre-Halloween roundtable on dark culture media!
October 26, 2017 | Category: We Have a Technical
The Count of Cemetery Confessions

Unlike us slobs, The Count actually gets dressed up for radio.

Happy Devil’s Night Eve Eve Eve Eve, everyone! It may not yet be Halloween itself (or Amateur Hour as it’s known to goths) but we’ve cooked up a full-time Monster Mash of an episode of We Have A Technical for the occasion regardless! The Count from The Belfry Network and Cemetery Confessions drops by to talk about the ins and outs of running an in-depth podcast dedicated to examining all angles of gothdom, from the personal to the academic. Folks might remember that we appeared on Cemetery Confessions earlier this year, and we were excited to talk to The Count again about how we each approach our analyses of dark culture and music. We’re also talking about the Zola Jesus show we caught over the past weekend, and as if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a very special guest MC to round out the dootiest, spoopiest Halloween episode of the I Die: You Die podcast ever! Don’t forget, you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, download directly or stream from the widget down below.

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