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German EBM thrashers - Akalotz were kind enough to do an interview with us.  They share their thoughts on the latest album 'Confront' on Electro Aggression Records as well as give us some insight on the band. If you haven't heard Akalotz yet, you are missing out on one of the best EBM releases of the year.

Greetings gentlemen! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. First, tell us a little about the genesis of Akalotz.  

Akalotz:  Hello and thanks for the interview. Akalotz was born in 2007 as a side project from Enemy Mind (Dark Electro), where I wanted to express my love for EBM. There was no plan, no goal, only make music with the old sound from the 80’s with no pressure.

How did you come up with the name Akalotz and what does it mean? Also tell us about the music scene in Germany. I heard you have quite a following in France?

Akalotz:  First, we want a band name that does not exist, so that when searching the net for the band, only we are to be found. The result was the word Akalotz from AK 47 and Lotz as a name. It should be briefly and briefly pressed into the memory and not off the shelf. The music scene in Germany has always grown and shrunk in size in recent years. Unfortunately, she is currently moving in the downward trend again. Noticeable with the sales figures of CDs and concertgoers. Positive are the intimate fans that are loyal to their bands. So it is with France, when we are there it is like being with a Family.

Over the past few years, you’ve acquired a reputation as an excellent live band. You’re known for engaging the audience from the moment you walk on stage. Please describe in your own words what is unique about Akalotz live performance.

Akalotz:  Thank you very much; we like to hear that. I think it comes firstly from the experience we have been able to gather in recent years and the self-assurance on the stage. But the main reason is that when we play live, we fully live the music and get into it, energy and power. This results in a relationship with the audience in which push both sides. Not always, but more often. 

You’ve shared the stage with seminal EBM bands over the years. What are some of your most memorable experiences?

Akalotz:  Basically, all our concerts we were allowed to give something especially since we have always met fantastic people.  For us it was to play with bands that we admired for many years. One example was with Portion Control and PNE in Antwerp. It was unforgettable as well as our first time in Belgium. We had a great time with some great bands that will stay in our memories.

Your EBM sound is an amalgamation of Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Vomito Negro and early FLA. How were you influenced by the aforementioned bands and what are the basic steps to recording an Akalotz song? Also, how do you come up the themes regarding your lyrics?

Akalotz:  These bands have always had an influence on us. We've heard these since our youth. We try not to copy our role models, but to learn much more about how we could make our sound similar. When we realize that writing a new song is too close to the mentioned bands, it is deleted and it is restarted. We draw our typical Akalotz sound from old and new analog and digital synths. When writing, I think it’s like Martin Gore, first the beat then the lyrics, often I give myself to the rhythm and screaming words into the microphone that does not always make sense immediately, then at some point forms a buzz from which then a lyric is created.

Akalotz’s official debut Shift To Evil (2014) is long out of print. Are you planning on re-releasing it in the future?

Akalotz:  At the moment we are taking a small production break. Our main objective is the new material we have planned. As for the old songs being reissued we cannot answer. The thought is nice.

Electro Aggression Records (EAR) is known for its pure old school electro-sound. The label is quite particular with its signings. How did you hook up with the label? What are the short goals and long term goals of the band?

Akalotz:  The first contact we had was in 2013, with Nader. Then we sent a few songs and he thought it was ok, now we landed with him. The short-term goal was to sign with a label, which has the means to push us. In the long term, we ended up at EAR with our album Confront. EAR pushed Akalotz into the next level, we are grateful for that.

What do Akalotz members do for fun outside of music?

Akalotz:  Good question. Thorsten likes to work in the garden and do sports. Nico enjoys going to concerts and likes to meet with friends.

Any last words?

Akalotz:  We thank all who support us. Thank you for this fine interview.

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