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We Have a Technical 242: To/For You

Friends of the site drop by to pay homage to the world's most enduring EBM act on this portentously enumerated episode of We Have A Technical! The post We Have a Technical 242: To/For You appeared first on I Die: You Die.

Those dashing young body musicians

It’s the 242nd episode of WHaT, and you’d better believe the Senior Staff are making the most of it. They’re welcoming an all-star cast of friends of the podcast to celebrate and discuss the music and legacy of Front 242. From their famous live shows to the radical changes made across their discography, folks from across Our Thing are dropping by to speak about what it is that makes them such an enduring and beloved presence. Stand up you electronic insects! If you wish you can rate and subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music, or download directly or stream from Spotify or the widget down below.

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