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Interview: Bestial Mouths - Interview October 2019

Bestial Mouths has been a dominant force on my playlist since I've first encountered them in 2017. Though well known, my ears were virgin to their hypnotizing industrial, darkwave, and tribal mix of dark electronic music. Nonetheless I wizened up quite quickly and soon found myself blown away by
Bestial Mouths has been a dominant force on my playlist since I've first encountered them in 2017. Though well known, my ears were virgin to their hypnotizing industrial, darkwave, and tribal mix of dark electronic music. Nonetheless I wizened up quite quickly and soon found myself blown away by the band's production and artistic value. That being said, Lynette Cerezo joins us once again on Brutal Resonance to explore and talk about Bestial Mouth's new EP "INSHROUDSS" and the emotional weight behind it all. 

Hello Lynette, and welcome back to Brutal! It was a pleasure having you last time and I’m sure it will be no different this time.  For our readers who don’t know you or Bestial Mouths, let’s start off with a getting-to-know-you question. What are your five favorite albums of all time and why?

Lynette:  It's an honor to be invited back by Brutal! Hah, well my memory isn't terribly expansive, so oftentimes it becomes "What's in my soul now?" when asked these types of questions. But some that jump out today would be:

Public Image Limited's "Flowers of Romance"; that shaky Lydon voice and the tribal drumming—a feast for the ears! Diamanda Galas's "Plague Mask"; she's always been a huge hero of mine. Echo and the Bunnymen's "Ocean Rain"; been a favorite since high school, and it still connects to me deeply. The Verve's "Northern Soul"; the rawness of this album is transcendent. Lingua Ignota's "Caligula"; it's obscene how beautiful and harrowing this album is.

Let’s get right into some big news! You have started a record label alongside Zanias called Rune & Ruin. Tell me, why did you decide to start your own record label?

Lynette:  Part of the message I try to express through my music and performance is the empowerment of women—what is more powerful than uniting with another amazing woman to create something bigger than us both alone? I want women to see uniting instead of fighting or competing as society teaches us is the key (especially in the music scene). Alison and I also don't fall into one specific genre; our influences stretch far and wide across the spectrum of what you might call "dark" music, and beyond. This label is also an outlet to promote whatever might be influencing us—putting out great dark music we feel is innovative and fresh and trying to reach new bounds.

The initial release on Rune & Ruin is the EP “INSHROUDSS” and we’ll be dedicating some time to that. You’ve been the founder of Bestial Mouths which started in 2006. What surprised me the most to hear about this release is that this is the first one you’ve written and conceived entirely on your own. Why did you decide to make this record on your own?

Lynette:  Bestial Mouths is my life; my story and journey is a part of it as well. Bestial was founded with my ex-husband and I as our collaborative project. After our divorce, I was unsure, insecure and hurting, never knowing if I would be accepted or hated as my world of ten years crumbled from under me. I used this time to take the reins of the project and express myself through that to describe the journey of our divorce, his split from Bestial and it becoming my sole child. 

Bestial Mouths has always been a very emotional project – one that has served as mental relief for yourself in the past. Was making this EP on your own more demanding than say previous Bestial Mouths efforts?

Lynette:  Thanks for recognizing it has soul and feelings! My first thought is "OMG YES" but the truth is when you are in the throe of things it is always the most challenging. It's only when we can look back with gained knowledge that it lessens. Honestly, I hadn't realized how impactful it would be the day the first song was released—it hit me like a ton of bricks. I've truly exposed my soul in these lyrics; that can be rough.

The description of the EP states that the lyrics are deeply personal and revolve around self-stagnation and trauma. If it’s not too hard to discuss, what is “INSHROUDSS” about? What do you explore, and what are the themes of this one?

Lynette:  Divorce, self-doubt, sadness, depression, stagnation in my career and life—beautiful, right? "INSHROUDSS" is the first official release where I have developed the concept and lyrics and guided the sound. Of course it would have not be possible without the composing and production skills of Brant Showers (∆AIMON / SOLVE) Alex Degroot (Zola Jesus) and Balazs Kepli. The EP is my mental rehabilitation, finding my way, finding my voice plagued by the reality and pains of this lifetime, the vacancies and vagaries of existence. I have a history of dealing with mental issues and disorders, wounded by traumas. Perhaps I ought to question my past lives and see what went wrong. The LP to follow (due in spring and almost finished now) will bring the listener to the conclusion of that resurrection in black. One can never truly shed the scars inflicted upon us by others and life's wrath but somehow we keep walking....

You've created a beautiful music video for the lead single 'INSHROUDSS'. Walk us through the music video; from my opinion that choice of color chosen was meant to be more than eye-catching. It’s a performance art. What do the visuals say or help the song say?

Lynette:  This EP and the coming LP are conceptual art pieces—every element is connected to reveal the story and take you through the journey. As with life, they all highlight and work together as a sequence. 'INSHROUDSS' is whiteness—blank nothingness—but white has many shades which when examined closely contain so much. The video was beautifully handled and crafted by VOID who take the viewer into the duality of self and its many facets and layers. Alex and I were able to sonically express this to you, and VOID (along with makeup artist Eavan Derbyshire) brought it to your eyes. We filmed me and then projected me onto me. The styling and wardrobe is always important in expressing it fully and Natalie Deu combined and constructed exactly the right elements.

Now, being a record that you produced on your own, does this make “INSHROUDSS” your favorite production to come from Bestial Mouths so far? Or does it lie somewhere in the middle?

Lynette:  'Favorite' is a strong word; I feel like it perfectly expresses where I am right now. It feels like Bestial to me. But each album is a hallmark in existence—a time capsule to where we were and what was influencing us at the time.

You have some upcoming shows in the US and Europe coming up which is awesome. Do you have anything else in the works under Bestial Mouths for the near future? Any festival appearances, other Eps, or remixes in the works?

Lynette:  I'm very excited for the new LP (with same crew of Alex, Brant, Balazs) in spring along with a full US and EU tour to support it. This time we will be touring with ∆AIMON as they have a new release themselves around the same time. We are also in the works for an insane lineup of remixes. Plus the EP still has two more videos - 'The BLEED' (which is will be a short horror movie) and 'WITHIIN', shot and directed by Jae Mathews of Boy Harsher.

Getting back to the record label Rune & Ruin, what are your plans for that? Will releases mainly consist of Bestial Mouths and related acts or are you going to start signing different other bands to the label and expand?

Lynette:  At this time I can only say that we have the Bestial release and then one from Zanias coming up. What the future holds is in the cards to be seen.

Lastly, I’d like to wish you good luck with “INSHROUDSS”! It already sounds phenomenal and I’m sure it is going to be a hit. I leave the space below for you to leave any final words. Cheers! 


—and gratitude for your time and the readers as well!


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