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Feature: What\'s In Our Inbox? #25 featuring PIG, sludgy industrial metal from Black Magnet, dark electro from Shadow Figures, and more!

Shadow Figures - 'Manifest'Alright, I'm gonna start off this list with a single that I think everyone should check out. I accidentally discovered this duo (or supposed duo considering the photo of the band contains two people) while searching for another band named Shadow Figure on Facebo
Shadow Figures - 'Manifest'
Alright, I'm gonna start off this list with a single that I think everyone should check out. I accidentally discovered this duo (or supposed duo considering the photo of the band contains two people) while searching for another band named Shadow Figure on Facebook and stumbled across them. I said, "Fuck it, let's check'em out." And I did not regret my decision. What I was treated with was a dark electronic dance tune with several doses of grit and industrial beats. It's a perfect workout song when I'm at the gym or general driving song to get prepared for the oncoming traffic. Check it out: 

Opalglas - 'Arizona'
It's quite shocking to me that Opalglas has released several songs in a short span of days yet each of them are available separately on Bandcamp. Perhaps this is to create different pallets for everyone's taste. 'Starling' was the first release out on June 14th which contained two EBM / techno tracks; 'Hive' came out shortly after on June 16th and can be described as a lofi, ambient electronica song, and on the same day the project released their industrial metal influenced single 'Arizona'. Putting these altogether in one package would have been lovely but, hey, the more the merrier. Check it out:

Black Magnet - 'Divination Equipment'
I love it when I receive bands I've never heard of that I immediately fall in love with on the first listen. Black Magnet is one of these bands. They released their debut, self-titled EP in March of 2018 in both digital and limited edition cassette formats. Sludgy industrial metal at its peak was found on that EP. Now, they're coming back with a full length album titled "Hallucination Scene" which is due out via 20 Buck Spin on September 4th. They're released a single off of it titled 'Divination Equipment' which you can stream / purchase directly below:

Black Angel - "Kiss of Death"
It does not seem as if gothrock / post-punk outfit Black Angel has any intentions of slowing down their creative output. After the release of their extended version of "The Widow" they have been steadily releasing single versions of their songs 'Put Your Lips On Me", "Animal", and "She Said". Now in July of 2020 their brand new album "Kiss of Death" will be released. Containing ten songs in total due to be released in both digital and limited edition CD formats, you can purchase / stream the album directly below:

Crying Vessel - "Pleasures For The Wicked"
Slade Templeton and Basil are the two people who make up Crying Vessel; and though the title of the project does bring forth an image of saddened emotional output, the creators of the project do know how to make love to a synthesizer. Or, at least that's what I can say after listening to 'The Abyss' which comes off of their upcoming album "Pleasures For The Wicked". It's quite good; but I'll let you be the judge of that. The album will be released in both digital and limited edition CD formats; check it out:

Spaecialista - "Pacta Sunt Servanda"
From Pildoras Tapes comes Spaecialista's "Pacta Sunt Servanda", a nine track dive into industrial, techno, and noise music. The EP contains four original tracks as well as remixes from T.D.D., Arcyniegas, Calzifer, Estado Critico, and MVQX. While the album does contain nine tracks it's currently going for $15 USD on Bandcamp - a bit higher than most digital albums circulating on the website. Either way, check it out:

The Violent Youth - 'Ya Vlublyon'
Post-punk and synthpop combine in duo The Violent Youth's latest single 'Ya Vlublyon'. Based in Augsburg, Germany, the project consists of Belarusian musician Arthur Tsymbal and Russian keyboardist Egor Ivakhnenko. You can purchase / stream the single directly below:

Tension Control - "kRaNK KrANk"
This new double contains two songs from EBM project Tension Control. The lead single is the title of the release while a secondary, extended wonderland version of 'Digitaler Bürgerkrieg' exists on the double. You can purchase / stream it directly below:

Geometric Vision - 'Slowemotion'
While I do believe that the darkwave and post-punk scene is currently being filled with bands who take the 80s, lofi mantra a little too harsh (therefore their production sounds like ass), there are also those who care about what their music sounds like. Geometric Vision is one of those project and it delights me to have them featured on this list. They've a new EP out now titled "Slowemotion" which contains two original songs as well as four wondrous remixes from Molchat Doma, Twin Tribes, Ash Code, and Hapax. You can purchase / stream the album directly below:

Slighter - 'Mute Yourself (Sawtooth's Imminent Overload Mix)'
A couple of producers in the industrial and dark electronic scene have been appearing everywhere with singles, EPs, albums, and remix / production credits. But, hell, that's what you have to do to market yourself in a competitive industry. Slighter and Sawtooth are two such producers whose names I've seen more than a few times anywhere and everywhere and now they've brought their talents together to make this badass remix. Check it out: 

Timerogue - "Dark Future"
If you're not ready for more dark cyberpunk blast beats and atmospheric as fuck music then step off of this release because that's exactly what you're getting. Anyway, not to sound too nonsensical and with a desire to type as I normally would, Timerogue is a "symbiotic cyberpunk from the year 2070" who spreads their music for all to hear. Their new album "Dark Future" is releasing on September 20th, 2020 in limited edition CD, vinyl, and bundle (including both the CD, vinyl, and a T-shirt). You can check out the album on Bandcamp directly below:

Carrion - 'The Tempest'
From the Kingdom of Norway hails Carrion (again) with a brand new single titled 'The Tempest'. Tapping into their multitude of influences as per normal including industrial, gothrock, noise, and general spooky atmospheres, the song teases a brand new album titled "Testament Ov The Exiled". You can purchase / stream the new song directly below:

SVØND - "HATE included"
German record label Kammer Records has their blood tainted with experimental, dark ambient, and brutal industrial releases. SVØND fits that mold perfectly and therefore has a new album coming out titled "HATE included" on the record label. Out in both limited edition cassette and digital formats on August 9th, there is also a framed painting of a little lucifer that you can purchase. The album's song titles also spells out "HAILLCFR" or "Hail Lucifer" for those of you who can't put two and two together. Ain't that cute? Check it out: 

PIG - "Sex & Death"
It seems as if anything that PIG releases is hailed as a marvel in the industrial community; I would agree as well, considering mastermind Raymond Watts always has new something up his sleeve after all these years. But the conviction and dedication to PIG shows as the project's latest EP "Sex & Death" has sold out of limited edition Tarot Cards and the Deluxe Vinyl that were available for purchase when the EP initially launched. Nonetheless, you can still grab the digital version and be one of those people who wished they had a sex tarot card signed by the man himself. Check it out: 

Decoherence - "Unitarity"
Though Sentient Ruin Laboratories is known for its extreme metal underground standing, there are a few releases that tend to stray into our little area of industrial music. "Unitarity" by Decoherence is one of those bands combining strict noise walls with black metal for an unholy alliance of shocking thrills. The album is set to be released in limited edition vinyl (multiple color variants and what not) and cassette formats. For those of you looking to stay strictly digital, there's that option, too. Check it out: 

Transmission - 'De Stijl'
The official music video for Transmission's latest single 'De Stijl' is out now. While there is no purchase available for the single as of just yet, hold onto your horses as Wave Records is planning to release the band's debut album in October. For now we get this awesome, black and white music video accompanied by some pretty stompy electronic music. Check it out: 

X-RL7 - "Episode 1"
I am more than sure that you have heard of MiXE1 in the past; we've even covered some of their material in the past. So go to the search bar and look for them if you want. ANYWAY, the person behind MiXE1 has started up a brand new music series titled "X-RL7", which is a pixelated, cyberpunk art story. The first episode is whacky, whimsical, and seems as if it could be an indie video game. You can check out the first episode directly below:
Conjecture - 'Σάρκα'
From industrial and experimental project Conjecture comes this brand new music video and closing track to their album "V". While the video itself is a bit odd containing close ups of the human body (eyes, mouth, belly button, fat rolls, you know, the normal) the song itself is haunting, moody, and foreboding. You can check out the music video directly below and you can purchase the album HERE.
Torturetekk - 'Win Your Love'
European electro and darkwave enthusiasts Torturetekk have released a brand new single / video for their song 'Win Your Love'. This is a side-project of Athamay who was founded in 1995 by a trio named J, Sean, and Jo. This single is teasing a brand new album titled "Nightfall" which is due out on October 31st. Check it out: 
Special thanks to Victor Montes of Songs From Under the Floorboard for helping us curate this list once again. You do not have to be in a band to submit material to us; if you like an artist that you haven't seen covered on Brutal in the past, please shoot us an e-mail with links to their music and we will see what we can do to feature them. Cheers! 

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