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Feature: What\'s In Our Inbox? #24

Choke Chain - "Chain Tactics"This is the debut EP from La Crosse, Wisconsin based EBM project Choke Chain. "Chain Tactics" is a three track EP of raw, old-school analogue beats with vocals that reminisce of The Gothsicles. The EP was mastered by Eric Oehler (Klack, Null Device) at Submers
Choke Chain - "Chain Tactics"
This is the debut EP from La Crosse, Wisconsin based EBM project Choke Chain. "Chain Tactics" is a three track EP of raw, old-school analogue beats with vocals that reminisce of The Gothsicles. The EP was mastered by Eric Oehler (Klack, Null Device) at Submersible Studios. You can purchase / stream the EP directly below:

Dark Narrows - "Splinters / EP"
Post-punk / darkwave project Dark Narrows has released a brand new three-track EP titled "Splinters / EP". In contrast to a lot of modern day darkwave and post-punk efforts which mask bad production techniques by making instruments, synths, and vocals sound lo-fi, Dark Narrows has a crisper and more pronounced output. The EP is available for only $2 USD and can be streamed directly below:

Liquid Land - 'Face to Face'
Pedro Morcego of Phantom Vision runs Liquid Land as a side-project where they're able to experiment. Their new single 'Face to Face' takes it roots in techno music though it has vocals that are nice and melancholic in comparison to the bouncy beat. You can purchase / stream it directly below:

Various Artists - "Serpent Round the Sun"
From record label Lost Soul Enterprises comes a brand new compilation titled "Serpent Round the Sun". The second edition in the Spiricom Tapes series, the compilation contains twelve names in total - most of which are brand new to me. The compilation contains rhythmic noise, wave, ambient, and industrial music into one complete package. "Serpent Round the Sun" is available in both digital and limited edition cassette formats, both of which can be purchased / streamed via the link below:

The Sea At Midnight - 'We Share the Same Stars'
If you thought that we weren't going to share the new single from The Sea At Midnight then you were dead wrong. Because here it is on our lovely little website. Titled 'We Share The Same Stars', The Sea At Midnight's new single continues the projects excellent dive into darkwave and post-punk aesthetics all while maintaining wonderful production values. You can stream / purchase the single directly below:

Shadow Figure - "Accept & Kneel"
If you were looking for dance music perfect for your next ceremony in an old graveyard at midnight, look no further than Shadow Figure's new EP "Accept & Kneel". Taking inspirations from punk, coldwave, darkwave, synthpop, and electronica music, "Accept & Kneel" contains four tracks of punchy yet moody gothic dance music complete with deep vocals that you might here from the mouth of an ancient vampire. You can purchase / stream the EP directly below:

Ultra Sunn - 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled'
Ultra Sunn is a project based in Brussels, Belgium with a love for EBM and coldwave music. Both these genres make love to one another on the project's newest single 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled'. A fun EBM beat is the mainstay of the song as the atmosphere of coldwave - that ominous tone in the background - decorates the rest of the song. You can purchase / stream the single directly below:

Two French EBM bands, KALT and TÖT, have come together to create a versus EP. The EP contains an original single from both bands as well as a remix provided by both. Both songs are coming from upcoming albums from both bands KALT's tracks are coming to "poLiTics under pressure" whilst TÖT's tracks will be coming to "No venimos en paz". You can purchase / stream the EP directly below:

Pete Crane - "XV" 
Announced just recently, this six track EP comes from electro mastermind Pete Crane, known for his work in Shiv-r. The six track EP will contain four original track alongside two remixes from Les Berrtas and Tragic Impulse and will be released via Infacted Recordings in digital formats. You can stream / purchase the EP directly below:

Digital Energy - "Nostalgia"
To keep the ball rolling with Infacted Recordings releases comes Digital Energy's new EP "Nostalgia". Containing remixes from Croona, Rob Dust, Wave In Head, People Theatre, The Psychic Force, Ad:keY, and S.E.Pell Dual Club, the EP is currently available to stream / purchase in digital formats everywhere. You can check it out directly below:

Tineidae - "Exo"
Another gorgeous release from Cryo Chamber comes in the form of space ambient producer Tineidae's album "Exo". Lumbering upon an abandoned mothership, this concept album follows a repairman as he attempts to fix the spaceship. The ten track album will be released in both CD and digital formats and can be purchased / streamed directly below:

Provision - "Hearts Turn Dark"
Synthpop, Darkwave, and futurepop project Provision returns with a brand new album after seven years of silence. The nine track album focuses around what the band is referring to as their Legacy Era, composed by founding member Breye 7x and Ian Sol on keys, backing vocals, co-lead, and songwriter. The album will be released in both digital and CD formats and can be streamed / purchased directly below. Check it out: 

Phil Nuovo - "SciFi"
This ten track collection of space influenced electronica comes courtesy of Phil Nuovo (Philipp Münch). Sounding like something you would hear in an offworld bar or tavern, this ten track collection features collaboration with Basementgrrr as well as a remix from Manufactura and Marred. You can stream / purchase this album directly below:

Art Deko - "No Remorse"
Back in 2012 writer Danya Malashenkov reviewed a self-titled demo from Art Deko; they described it as "four tracks of musical bliss" and gave the tracks a 9 out of 10 altogether. Eight years has passed since then and the project has been relatively quiet; nonetheless, Art Deko is back in proper form. They've released a thirteen track album titled "No Remorse" and can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp. Check it out: 

Exferno - 'Bunkerbitch'
EBM / industrial project Exferno has released a brand new single titled 'Bunkerbitch'. The single has been released via Bandcamp under the platform's "name your price" model. The single itself is very minimal with spoken word vocals. You can check it out directly below:

Glitch Black - "Mechanical Perfection"
Cyberpunk, synthwave, metal, and overall badassery combine on Glitch Black's latest album "Mechanical Perfection", though I do believe the same can be said for the project's previous releases. Based out of Seattle, Washington, Glitch Black's new album is being adored by fans and critics alike with multiple merch bundles available with a digital copy. The ten track album is also available as a standalone purchase for just a mere dollar; and it's definitely worth it. Check it out: 

Das Klaus - "Das LP"
Well, if this wasn't as blunt of a title for a record that I've ever seen then I don't know what is. Literally titled "Das LP" meaning "The LP" in English, this is the fourteen track from minimal, melodic, and electronic project Das Klaus (guess what that means in English?). You can stream / purchase the album directly below:

Skeletech - 'Weaponized Pleasuremech'
Have you ever seen that article online that states a sex doll can be programmed to kill someone? Well, that might become more and more of a reality in the future as robotics become more and more dangerous. Synthwave / metal hybrid Skeletech is here to explore that idea even further with his new song 'Weaponized Pleasuremech'. You can stream / purchase the song directly below:

Seven Federations - 'Chaosstar'
Industrial rock project Seven Federations has released a brand new single titled 'Chaosstar'. Mastered by Jules Siefert known for his work with Mortiis, Pig, and Chemlab, the single can be streamed / purchased via Bandcamp. Check it out:

Tesla Coils - 'The Party'
Tesla Coils is a post-punk / coldwave project with more personality than half the other post-punk projects I've come across. A brilliant sense of humor is a big part of this band's style as seen by the music video for their new single 'The Party' which can be streamed directly below. It's also a fantastic piece of music that avoids sounding too drab or beating the lo-fi horse to death. Also, if you haven't checked out their single 'Dinosynth' yet, do so. It's an amazing and humorous road trip song. Check it out: 

Recursive Eons - 'The Arrival'
Synthwave producer Matt Creamer extends his love for horror and video games into one with this brand new single 'The Arrival'. Hard and dark synth music is the name of the game for Creamer, crafting wicked beats and hard-boiled music videos (as seen below). 'The Arrival' comes off of his most recent album that shares the same name as the single. It contains six songs in total and can be purchased HERE. Check it out: 
Korine - 'Cold Heart'
Synthpop / darkwave sensation has blown up from their humble roots in Philadelphia, PA in the United States. The duo's dream-like music has made many fall in love; they've got a retro aesthetic without feeling too cheesy which is always a plus. This is a natural outing for them - perhaps that's why they've gained so much respect in such a short amount of time. Nonetheless, the band's new album "The Night We Raise" is due out on September 4th, 2020. To continue the tease until the whole album launches, Korine has released a music video for their single 'Cold Heart' which can be seen below. The record can be pre-ordered HERE. But, be warned, several of the available options are close to being sold out. Get on it if you want one. 
Smiley Face Black Heart - 'No Tomorrow'
Smiley Face Black Heart is a new industrial project influenced by American artists such as Trent Reznor, Mike Patton, Al Jourensen, and more. Either way they just released a music video for their single 'No Tomorrow' which can be streamed directly below. Check it out: 
Danny Blu - 'Bubble (Mr.Kitty Remix)'
Just a few weeks ago darkpop producer Danny Blu tapped into the talent of Kanga for an official remix on one of their songs. Now, they've returned with yet another fantastic producer in tow; this time they have released a remix produced by Mr.Kitty of their song 'Bubble'. You can check out the remix directly below:
Corlyx - 'Porcelain Skin'
It seems as if Corlyx has been all over the place in regards to genre specifications; from the very beginning with darkpop on 'Starlet' to their industrial rock influences peaking on their NIN cover of 'Reptile' to flat out classic industrial influences on songs such as 'Nightfalls', the band has seen and done a lot. Now they're tackling what seems to be growing and re-emerging genres: darkwave and post-punk. 'Porcelain Skin' showcases the band's newfound style alongside their ever so fashionable side as they channel their inner goth band. The song also tackles mental illness in which Caitlin Stokes sings about her mother and how her mom found "the beauty in her incredibly fragile state". You can stream the song directly below and you can pre-order the album HERE
Croc Shop - 'Empowered'
This single comes off of dark electronic project Croc Shop's latest album "Resist!" As with many other albums right now, the album is a politically charged piece of music showing the band's frustration with the modern world. You can purchase the album HERE and you can stream the single below:
Hyeno - "Orphosis"
Once again tackling thumping electronic rhythms and experimental music is Hyeno. This new two-track release is available for streaming on Spotify and can be heard directly below:

Special thanks to Victor Montes of Songs From Under the Floorboard for helping us curate this list once again. You do not have to be in a band to submit material to us; if you like an artist that you haven't seen covered on Brutal in the past, please shoot us an e-mail with links to their music and we will see what we can do to feature them. Cheers! 

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