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Feature: What\'s In Our Inbox? #23

Фи?'ма-однодневка - '?? окна'Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, this project whose name translates to "One-Day Company" into English (at least according to Google translate, has released a brand new double titled 'Out of the Window'. The single has been released via
Special thanks to Victor Montes of Songs From Under the Floorboard for helping us curate this list once again. You do not have to be in a band to submit material to us; if you like an artist that you haven't seen covered on Brutal in the past, please shoot us an e-mail with links to their music and we will see what we can do to feature them. Cheers! 

Фирма-однодневка - 'Из окна'
Hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia, this project whose name translates to "One-Day Company" into English (at least according to Google translate, has released a brand new double titled 'Out of the Window'. The single has been released via Bandcamp and comes with both the title track as well as a "tape saturated" version of the song. I guess they wanted a big old retro feel for the song; either way you can purchase / stream the song directly below:

Kübler Ross - "Kübler Ross"
The self-titled debut of Kübler Ross comes courtesy of Akashic Records. Featuring ten songs in total, the project is an experimental industrial project headed by Dave Clark, Craig Clark, and Katie Shannon. The album focuses on Swiss psychiatrist Elizabeth Kübler-Ross' theory of The Five Stages of Grief. I do not have the time to sit here and explain the whole thing to you but you can read a brief summary on the record label's Bandcamp page. Speaking of Bandcamp, that's where you can buy the album in both digital and limited edition cassette formats. Check it out: 

Raw Russian - " Фройц Кройп - Люди"
Thanking Google once again for the translation, this release from Raw Russian is titled "Froits Croype - People". Though I have no idea if this is accurate nor what it means, what I can tell you is that Raw Russian's name does not lie. The experimental producer combines lo-fi aesthetics with obscure techno elements and minimal synth EBM. This release has been put out in limited edition cassette format with only six remaining out of the twenty original available. Not to fear, though, as the digital version is here to stay. Check it out: 

Walls of Poland - "My Desperation"
Despite the name Walls of Poland is not based in the titular country but rather hail from Los Angeles, California in the United States. "My Desperation" is one of their latest releases alongside the single 'Waved Ones' which came out shortly after. The EP contains eight tracks which are relatively short and quick lasting anywhere from one-minute and thirty-seven-seconds to three-minutes and thirty-nine-seconds. Nonetheless, the darkwave / synthpunk groups music is available to purchase / stream directly below:

Quarter Life - "Cult's Guide Book"
Coming from Kuantan, Malaysia, Quarter Life is a darkwave project who has just released a new double titled "Cult's Guide Book". The two-track release contains the songs 'Decision' and 'Word' with the description on Bandcamp reading "DANCE YOU MOTHERFUCKER, DANCE!" I'm not going to force you to do so myself but this band seems serious about that. Strap on your sad makeup and black boots and get out there. Check it out: 

True Faith - "True Faith"
This Boston, Massachusetts duo has a lot to live up to citing to the public that they will appeal to fans of Clan of Xymox, Sisters of Mercy, Buzz Kull, and Boy Harsher. Anyway, they released their debut, four track EP in both digital and limited edition cassette formats via Bandcamp. Their journey has not ended as they've already announced a new single to be released in August titled 'Feel' with a full length coming later via Annals Imprint. You can stream it directly below:

Matte Black - 'Pure'
Matte Black is a dark electronic trio attempting to fuse dance elements with gritty industrial dance elements as well as a love for underground techno...Which also is meant for dance. This is one big band dressed in black ready to make you dance. Anyway, Matte Black has just released a new single titled 'Pure' which is off of their upcoming, debut album "I'm Waving, Not Drowning" duoe out this fall. You can purchase / stream the single directly below:

Flesh of Morning - "We Are / Death Becomes Bitter"
This two track release comes courtesy of Austin, Texas duo Flesh of Morning which consists of Faiza on vocal duties and Travis as the synth maestro. With lo-fi vibes and darkwave beats, the project released these two singles in both digital and limited edition cassette formats via Bandcamp. That being said check it out for yourself: 

Paladin - "The Rash Boon"
This one is quite an odd release; the main gist of Paladin seems to be releasing Medieval themed, chill, synthesized music for all to adore. Though I describe it as odd that does not mean it isn't worthy of your attention; it most definitely is. I see this being the soundtrack to a cheesy sci-fi film where somehow the eighties combined with medieval times. Where technology moved forward but the ideas and adventurous nature of heroes never went away and where knights in shining armor layer the local dance club whilst in a trance to italo-disco music. Check it out:

S. Product - "Suicide Beat"
S. Product is Melissa Scaduto (Sextile) and Kyle Hamon (Arkitect / Private Selection) who combine their love for synthesizers, punk and EBM all in one project. The five track release "Suicide Beat" has been put out on Bandcamp; it's raw and stompy. What more can you ask for from a punk / EBM project? Check it out: 

Vexillary - "SurViolence"
Combining ambient, dub, and industrial techno music into one cohesive project, Vexillary is a New York City, New York based project who has announced that their EP "SurViolence" will be released on July 24th. So, we're not too far away. The four track release focuses on how surveillance is taking over the world and how panic is engineered. You can stream / purchase the EP directly below:

Nature of Wires feat. Lady B - 'Cut Me Open'
Nature of Wires continue the theme of abusive relationships, divorce, and the knock-on effects thereof from their EP "Reborn" with their brand new single 'Cut Me Open'. Once again partnering with the tremendous vocal talent of Lady B, the single presents heavy waves of electronics like a sea wall to wondrous degree. You can stream / purchase the single directly below:

Yogev Freilichman - "Rescue & Research Pt. 2: Yogev Freilichman"
IDM, industrial, glitch, and techno music are what producer Yogev Freilichman plays with on his latest EP. Released via Failed United in digital format, this four track EP has improvisation parts within it along with influences from rituals and digital aesthetics. You can stream / purchase the EP below:

Images in Silence - "Klinikal Trials"
From industrial, experimental, and dark ambient artist Images In Silence comes this new EP "Klinikal Trials". Though the concept is not directly stated, it seems to home in on a medical technology company utilizing the common population as test subjects for their new products; though, only a small portion of the population is test before being released upon the masses. You can check out the full description and stream / purchase the EP via Bandcamp:

Leifendeth - "Narrow Escapism"
Coming tomorrow is Leifendeth's new EP "Narrow Escapism". The encompasses the range and genre variety Leifendeth experiments with including electro, industrial, darksynth, drum&bass, and trance. The EP features a title track, a couple of unreleased songs, as well as remixes from Real Wilkinson, Armageddon Speaking, and Braphonyte 7. You can purchase / stream the EP directly below:

Thrillsville - "Lockdown"
You might recall that a few What's In Our Inbox? features ago we showcased Thrillsville's single 'Lockdown'. Well, now the darkwave / industrial rock project has released a music video for the song giving a look into their quarantine status and all the problems that it brings. You can stream the video directly below:

Whorticulture - 'Within / Without'
A relatively unknown band at the time of this writing, Whorticulture is a project focusing on synthpop, futurepop, industrial dance, and other such gothic club music. For the past year they've been releasing single after single and most recently they've released a lyric video for 'Within / Without'. Their YouTube channel is filled with other vlogs and the like; I'm not into those but if they're your thing you can find out how they got into the goth club scene. But we're here for the music. Listen to it below:
Various Artists - "Sanctorvm OST"
Sanctorvm is a sci-fi and horror board game that's available as a late pledge pre-order on Kickstarter (where the album is included in the box bundle). The producers of the game decided that it needed a soundtrack so they went around and picked twelve international artists to curate a soundtrack for the board game. As a massive fan of Dungeons and Dragons and currently discovering the joy of Carbon 2185, I can understand the desire for music backing your board games. It adds depth and fun and I usually find a two hour playlist on YouTube for the board game session. Artists included on the soundtrack include Ferus Melek, Turbo Knight, Occams Laser, and more. You can stream the album below and grab it from the Kickstarter link above.
LUNA13 - 'Dark Horse'
While deathtronica band LUNA13 is currently celebrating their newfound relationship with COP International, the electro-witches have also released a cover of Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse'. The project has revealed that their next album will be out on COP on November 13th. In the meantime you can enjoy the cover below:
Zeistencroix - "Fallen Prophet"
The new music video is the third single off of Zeistencroix's album "Gen Z" which released via Sliptrick Records last year. While the pandemic is preventing live shows, Zeistencroix is still practicing and perfecting their shows for when the world re-opens. The band has also announced that they are working on new music. You can stream the video directly below:
DK-Zero - 'Replicate'
Tapping into their industrial metal roots, DK-Zero is continuing their musical and science-fiction infused music videos. This time they're striking out with a new single titled 'Replicate'. Released via Cleopatra Records, vocalist D-Punk explained that he is "singing from the perspective of one of the Replicant Clones in the middle of a drug test". You can stream the video for the song directly below:

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