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Feature: What\'s In Our Inbox? #22

Special thanks to Victor Montes of Songs From Under the Floorboard for helping us curate this list once again. You do not have to be in a band to submit material to us; if you like an artist that you haven't s
Special thanks to Victor Montes of Songs From Under the Floorboard for helping us curate this list once again. You do not have to be in a band to submit material to us; if you like an artist that you haven't seen covered on Brutal in the past, please shoot us an e-mail with links to their music and we will see what we can do to feature them. Cheers! 

Chiang Valley Liberators - "And Then Everything Changed"
This five track EP comes from Chiang Valley Liberators under record label Corrosive Growth Industries. The project started off in 1991 after the producer spent years playing in punk and post-rock bands, and developing music for commercials. Chiang Valley Liberators has described themselves as a "mentally damaged, fifty-five year old ex-punk drummer who loves putting this stuff together and who equally enjoys enveloping myself in lo-fi, hypnotic sound." You can purchase the release in both digital and physical format here:

SinThya - 'Rabbit, Rabbit'
This is the second single off of SinThya's forthcoming album "The Silence". Formerly known as SinThya the Devil, the project's name has only just changed slightly by removing "the Devil" from their title. The rest remains the same including a stark interest in dark industrial jams mixing deathrock, experimental, noise, EBM, and many other genres into their sound. You can purchase / stream the track directly below:

Panic Priest - 'Shiver and Crawl (Visveral Anatomy Remix)'
Panic Priest has released a brand new remix of 'Shiver and Crawl' by EBM / industrial project Visceral Anatomy. The original song was found on the album "Second Seduction" which can also be accessed via Panic Priest's Bandcamp page. And that's that. Not much more to say. Check it out:

Visceral Anatomy - "Modern Anguish"
...And since I've just discovered that Visceral Anatomy is a thing I clicked a link onto their Bandcamp page. And I'm so glad I did; I now have their EP in my wishlist as I wish to get my hands on that limited edition vinyl with my upcoming paycheck. Stompy and classic EBM beats pulsate throughout the entirety of the EP and it sounds glorious. This was released at the beginning of the year but fuck me if I'm not gonna include it on this list. It sounds wonderful. You can stream / purchase it directly below:

Vioator - "Survive"
"Survive" is the latest EP from San Francisco-based industrial / darkwave project Vioator. The EP comes with the title song 'Survive' as well as two live songs which are 'Black Curtains' and 'A Body, I Pray'. You can purchase / stream the EP directly below:

Nabta - 'Drop the Mask'
This French duo knows how to get your feet moving as they show on their latest six track EP "Drop the Mask". Through describing themselves as a blend of minimal synth, electroclash, and darkwave, there's no denying the influence EBM has had on the project when clicking the play button for the first song. The release is available in both digital and limited edition cassette formats. You can purchase / stream it directly below:

Fornicata - "Break It Bought It"
Coming from California in the USA is Fornicata, a darkwave producer living int he mountains. And, well, if darkwave is your thing and dancing in the dark is your hobby, then the fourteen tracks Fornicata released on "Break It Bought It" might just be the thing for you. You can purchase / stream the digital album directly below:

Leroy Se Meurt - "La Chute"
This four track EP comes from Paris, France based producer Leroy Se Meurt. The artist has a love for EBM and it shows in their musical endeavors with raw synths. The EP was released by Gooiland Elektro / Enfant Terrible in vinyl (purchase here) while the digital edition is available via Leroy Se Meurt's Bandcamp page. Check it out: 

Claustraphobia - 'Angel'
It seems as if darkwave is taking over our list this week as we've another darkwave single. This time it's from UK project Claustraphobia. Written and recorded by founder Klaus Devore, you can purchase / stream the single directly below:

Techno, breakcore, and cyberpunk inspired outfit Blush Response has just put up their new album "Void In" for pre-order on Bandcamp. You know what that means? Some of those fancy, new, and machine-driven songs are available for streaming. The album will be released in a double, green-marbled vinyl edition as well as digital. You can pre-order and stream a couple of songs from the album directly below:

Cernichov - "Cernichov"
This is the first noise / ambient artist on this list. That's a little shocking; normally we would have had one earlier in the structure. Nonetheless, we're glad to present to you Italian-duo Cernichov's self-titled debut album. This five track piece is oddly comforting while being completely ominous. There's forewarning and foreshadowing to this EP but it's something you should experience for yourself. The album has been released digitally via the band's Bandcamp channel and can be purchased in CD format via Cathedral Transmission Records HERE.

Recon - "Broken Stairs"
This brand new album from rhythmic noise / industrial artist recon is a twenty-three track monster coined as a double album. Featuring collaborations with Manufactura, Leaether Strip, and HUBRID, the second half of the album contains remixes by Caustic, Cervell Elettronico, W.A.S.T.E., and more. You can purchase / stream the album directly below:

Crystal Cage / Somniare - "Accursed Acolyte Evermore Casting"
If you haven't been following Crystal Cage by now I definitely think you should; they'e become one of my go to projects when I'm in the mood for either otherworldly black metal and ambient crossovers or speculative science fiction overtones. They have worked multiple times with Somniare of black metal project AVASU. Nonetheless, the two have teamed up once more for a new album under record label Untitled Burial named "Accursed Acolyte Evermore Casting". Based off of a dream Crystal Cage had, the seven track album can be purchased / streamed directly below:

Lamia Vox - "Alles ist Ufer. Ewig ruft das Meer"
Lamia Vox is returning with their brand new album "Alles ist Ufer. Ewig ruft das Meer" which translates as "Everything is shore. The sea calls forever" in English. Not only does the album contains the usual Lamia Vox production values and meditative / spiritual music, but it contains a message against the modern age's materialistic approach to life. Not only that, but record label Cyclic Law has announced that Lamia Vox's "Sigilum Diaboli" will be re-released alongside this record. You can pre-order / stream the album directly below:

Gnomenblut - "Gnomenblut"
You can guarantee that if something on this website has to do with gnomes, then TONTTU is involved somehow. And that is true for the debut self-titled single from Gnomenblut. A project featuring music from P. Emerson Williams (Choronzon, Veil of Thorns), TFG (of TONTTU), and Dean Mason (of Bleeding Raven), the ambient, metal, and martial-industrial inspired single can be streamed / purchased directly below:

Cruise [Ctrl] - "It's Happening Again!"
IDM, breakbeat, and ambient textures come through on Cruise [Ctrl]'s latest album "It's Happening Again!" Released via record label M-Tronic, the seven track release features six original songs as well as a collaboration with Alice Just on the song 'Juste'. The digital album can be purchase / streamed directly below:

Cryptid - "Obscure Formats"
Cryptid is a beat-driven project whose focus can be found within techno and old-school industrial projects such as DAF and Clock DVA. They've just released an eight track album titled "Obscure Formats" via m-tronic. Though it is a digital release it's available as a "name your price" release, which means you can get it for free or you can be a civilized human being and throw some cash at the record label and artist to keep the industry afloat. Your call. Check it out: 

Violent Vickie - 'The Blame'
Titling the project as a synth-riot project, Violent Vickie has unleashed a brand new single titled 'The Blame'. Once more coming out on their home record label Crunch Pod, this is the third single off of the project's upcoming album "Division". You can stream / purchase the single directly below:

Francis Roberts - "The Friends You Met Along The Way"
Francis Roberts (Old Man Wizard, King Gorm, ex-The Dread Crew of Oddwood) is an experimental electronic artist floating in the world of dungeon synth and ambient music. Recently they live-streamed a bit for the Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXX and recorded their set. The thirty-two minute release is now getting a release via Pacific Threnodies in limited edition cassette and 3" DVD combo and digital formats. You can purchase / stream the live show directly below:

Various Artists - "19 Beläten — En Sommar Av Plåga"
Germany-based record label Beläten has just released this compilation of industrial and other underground electronic music. Two names that brought me to this compilation were Blitzkrieg Baby and Spit Mask, both of which have received positive reception on this site multiple times. Either way, the compilation is available in both digital and limited edition cassette formats. You can stream / purchase the compilation directly below:

GR^VE - 'Distraction From Decay'
Utilizing elements of post-punk, doom, and shoegaze, GR^VE is a duo who has "come together by a mutual understanding of our mortality". While this is not the normal electronic blasts that we get on the site, there's no denying that GR^VE fits within the darker entourage we're known for covering. Mystifying and emotional, you can check out the music video for 'Distraction From Decay' below. You can purchase the double HERE.

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