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Feature: What\'s In Our Inbox? #21

As a quick side-note, we would like to thank Victor Montes of radio station Songs From Under the Floorboard for pointing out releases from Déception, 9ToEarth, Forkha, The Travels, and grotta. You do not have to b
As a quick side-note, we would like to thank Victor Montes of radio station Songs From Under the Floorboard for pointing out releases from Déception, 9ToEarth, Forkha, The Travels, and grotta. You do not have to be a musician to submit music to us; if you ever find a band that you particularly enjoy that you think would make a great fit on Brutal, please e-mail us the artist's Bandcamp link and we can see what we can do. We will also give you / your page a shoutout up here and on social media. Cheers!

Afnimaran - "Graveyard Orbit"
This album marks the start of the self-titled "Graveyard Orbit" series where Afnimaran prepares to "conjure up images of spacecraft, space stations and cities or their debris." After having fanaticism reign supreme over their once technical might the advanced technology now remains adrift in space or crash landed on foreign planets. The seven track album has been released in digital formats via Kalpamantra and can be streamed directly below:

Sirus - "The Book of Gates"
This is the new single taken off of Sirus' current album "Apocrypha". Featuring the title track as well as three remixes from SOMAN, Dave Inox, and an in house ix from Josh Rombout. The single will be released in digital as well as limited edition vinyl and CD formats. You can purchase / stream it directly below:

Phÿcus - "CrowleyWood"
Industrial / experimental project Phÿcus has been around since 1988. Unique in the sense that it had over fifty contributors within a dozen locales (a local supergroup if you will?) the band never quite spread that far. Nonetheless the love for music doesn't die and now they're back in 2020 with a new album titled "CrowleyWood". Ten tracks in total are available on Bandcamp for a mere $1 CAD. You can stream / purchase it directly below:

Black Mass Gathering - "Fire From The Mouth Of Anzu"
If the devil were ever to take over Earth then his conquering tune might not sound like the typical black / death metal affair. No, it might sound like a hybrid of crunchy industrial-dance music. That's exactly what I imagined what Black Mass Gathering were thinking when they created their project. Either way, Black Mass Gathering has a new single that you can stream / purchase directly below:

Decent News / Chrome Corpse - "Decent News / Chrome Corpse"
I'm sure that if you've been following Brutal for a while that both of these names are familiar to you by now. This split comes from industrial metal project Decent News and industrial / EBM project Chrome Corpse. This digital only release can be purchase / streamed directly below:

Corvax - 'Talk To The Man'
90s industrial influenced project Corvax has unleashed a brand new single titled 'Talk To The Man'. The producer takes inspiration from such renown artists as NIN, Massive Attack, and Mike Patton. The single is available on all major digital distributors including Bandcamp. You can purchase / stream the single directly below:

Night Terrors / Chrome Corpse - "Night Terrors / Chrome Corpse"
A new, self-titled split from Seattle, Washington's finest dark electronic and EBM groups Night Terrors and Chrome Corpse is hear to push your speakers and headphones to their limits. This split contains four tracks; two from Night Terrors and two from Chrome Corpse. And, yes, Chrome Corpse already appeared on this list but who gives a fuck? They're awesome. Check out this split directly below:

halicon - "Synaptic Peripherals"
Continuing their exploration into the archives of an old IDM project, Tim Krug (one-half of Hexadiode) has used quarantine time to update / salvage various songs from their halicon days. This four track EP focuses on tracks created from 1996 to 1998. What's even better is that halicon has announced that an album filled with new material is currently in the works. Check out "Synaptic Peripherals" directly below:

Carrion - "Maneater"
Industrial project Carrion has released a lost track that they assume is either from the "Revelation" or "Iconoclasm" sessions. It might be hard to fathom how a song can be lost but if you look at Carrion's large output, you might understand why. The single is available for free or "name your price" download via Bandcamp. Check it out:

Bixlee - "New City"
Bixlee is a relatively new project whose first release dates back to February 2017 when the album "Humanize" was released. Nonetheless the project has managed to continuously release music here and there and snagged a remix credit for SNOG's 'Corporate Slave 2525'. Now the industrial / glitch influenced project has announced that their new album "New City" will be out on July 10th, 2020. The ten track album is currently available for pre-order with three songs streaming. You can purchase / stream it directly below:

Déception - "It Felt Like Home"
Diving into the dark pop / disco side of things come Montreal, Quebec based musician Déception. Like so many other producers influenced by horror and the like, this three track EP takes on the form of an unofficial soundtrack to a movie titled "It Felt Like Home". The cover art certainly has that feeling down well enough with a woman holding a nice super-imposed above a seemingly normal house on a hill. Either way, you can check out the EP directly below:

grotta - 'Ты не слышишь меня'
Translated to 'You Cannot Hear Me' this new wave / EBM single from Ukrainian producer grotta was just unleashed a few weeks ago. Available via Bandcamp for digital download for a mere $1 USD , you can check it out directly below:

The Travels - "Dancing With the Shadow"
Two covers fulfill this double from synthpop project The Travels. First up we have a bright and happy cover of Joy Division's 'Atmosphere' with deep piercing vocals. A more bouncy cover of Rondo's 'Vselennaya' does the track for the second song. Both of these are available on Bandcamp to purchase / stream. Check it out:

Various Artists - "ASM-II"
If you were hoping to snag a cassette copy of this limited-to-twenty run from Forkha then you are out of luck; the cassette is already sold out. The good news is that the digital version of this compilation is available on the internet forever. Featuring artists such as Chrome Corpse (third appearance on this list; they just won't go away), Dim Deck, and Wavalaam Klous, you're bound to find some music on here that you've yet to hear of. You can purchase / stream the compilation directly below:

Spankthenun - "Glitch Burn Skin"
Appropriately titled for a remix album, "Glitch Burn Skin" takes three songs off of Spankthenun's album "Initial Decay Control" and puts them into a woodchipper to see what remixers would be able to do with the remains. Slighter, Dogtablet, ESA, and more appear under the credits for the remixes. The album is available in digital and CD formats. The project has also released a couple of clothing designs to conform with the release. Check it out:

Molly Noise - "Unresolved"
You might remember Molly.Noise from one of our compilations on Bandcamp that we used to make or a small news article we made about their debut release "BlackNoiseMachine". Well, either way, Molly.Noise is back except the period between the two parts of their name is gone and now they go by Molly Noise instead. They just released a twelve track album titled "Unresolved" which continues the sadgirl, industrial-pop output of their previous releases. You can purchase / stream the album directly below:

Die Robot - 'Fanatic'
Electro-industrial project Die Robot has released a brand new single titled 'Fanatic'. This single debuted live at Die Robot's sold out show inside the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Planetarium in February of 2020. Throughout the quarantine Die Robot finished up the song and now it's here to please us all. You can purchase / stream the song directly below:

WOLFHEAD59 - "We Are Not OK"
Mixing raw punk aesthetics with the rigidity and power of hard techno comes WOLFHEAD59. This duo is releasing their debut album "We Are Not OK" on label D-Trash Records. Described as "napalm disco" by the band, the eight track release is available in both digital and limited edition CD formats. You can purchase / stream the album directly below:

Desiderii Marginis - "Departed"
Dark ambient / drone project Desiderii Marginis stares death in the face and seeks comfort in understanding that all things must come to an end in their new album "Departed". Like other dark ambient and drone albums, this is meant to be a meditative peace that seeks to both answer and question facts about life. The CD and digital versions of the album will comes with three bonus tracks which are reworks of 'Deadbeat', 'Worlds Apart', and 'I Am Without Rule (Sum Sine Regno)'. You can stream / purchase the album directly below:

Undirheimar - "Heljarrunar"
This new album from Undirheimar is a ritual ambient and shamanic piece focusing in on Thursian forces. I would tell you what Thursian forces are but I have not a clue what that's all about. I tried googling it and it seems to be a subject in which you need to dedicate time to study it. Nonetheless, this album contains six songs or spells as the description on Bandcamp states and can be purchased in either CD or digital formats here:

Mister Lady - "Heavy Metal Soundsystem"
This four track EP comes from Mister Lady, a producer who is attempting to fuse dark industrial sounds popular in the Midwestern USA with dancefloor beats. Thus they have released their debut "Heavy Metal Soundsystem". The EP sound ridiculously raw and unproduced but perhaps that was the point of the album; that's up to you to decide. The album is available digitally, though you may also buy a poster that comes with the download of the album. You can stream / purchase it directly below:

Geist Contagion - "Residue"
I love when the release of one artist's album leads me to discover an entire roster of creative talent. In this case Caustic Grip's "Toxic Rift" was released via Slice Records, an underground record label based in Naarm / Melbourne and Tkaronto / Toronto. And now I receive their Bandcamp notifications which led me to discover the IDM / glitch project Geist Contagion. They just released their second, six track EP titled "Residue" on the label in digital formats. You can stream / purchase the album directly below:

LV-426 - "Shadow Runner"
Synthwave / industrial beat machine LV-426 has released their debut album "Shadow Runner". Homing in on cyberpunk / science-fiction themes, the concept album follows a shadow runner or someone who "risks life and mind to obtain confidential files for employers who remain secret." The twelve track album includes eleven original songs and a Lockdown mix of 'The Gaijin'. You can purchase / stream the album directly below:

Normoria - "The Cost of Freedom"
In May of 2020 industrial rock / dark electro project Normoria released the single 'The Cost of Freedom' which focuses on the unethical use of animal testing in the world and its horrors. The project is continuing its support for the single by releasing a music video for the song. You can stream the video directly below and you can purchase the song HERE.

Mono Canibal X Satan Ummo - "Asi En Ummo Como En La Tierra"
The two minds behind Buio Mondo and Sagan Ummo have combined their forces to create a horror / hip-hop hybrid album titled "Asi En Ummo Como En La Tierra". The five track album has been released in limited edition, 10" vinyl format can be purchased HERE. You can also stream the entire EP directly below:
Danny Blu - 'White (K)night feat. KANGA (KANGA Remix)'
Dark pop artist Danny Blu has teamed up with industrial pop artist KANGA for a brand new remix of 'White (K)night'. The original version of the song was released earlier this year dealing with anxiety and the drug abuse that follows as well as attempting to seek validation in all the wrong places such as social media, the wrong crowds, and egomaniacs. You can stream the single directly below:


9ToEarth - 'Parasite'
'Parasite' is a single off of 9ToEarth's album "Kogarashi Tales". While the song is described as indie, techno, and minimal wave, there's a huge focus on experimental electronics in the song as well. Raw synths come to life with well produced vocals and an underlying techno beat builds upon the song. It also manages to change its pace multiple times throughout its three-minute and forty-eight second run. Check it out and purchase the album HERE.

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