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Feature: What\'s In Our Inbox? #20

Kinex Kinex - "Neon Park"While the name of this project reminds me of the building toys I used to play with as a child, this darkwave project is anything but that. It has been around since the beginning of 2015 but this is my first time discovering the grou
Kinex Kinex - "Neon Park"
While the name of this project reminds me of the building toys I used to play with as a child, this darkwave project is anything but that. It has been around since the beginning of 2015 but this is my first time discovering the group with their brand new album "Neon Park". Drawing from a variety of genres including post-punk, new wave, synthwave, and more, you can purchase / stream the album directly below:

Virtual Terrorist - "TECHNOIZE"
What seems like only moments after they released their EP "Neurolace Failure", Virtual Terrorist is hitting hard with a full length album titled "TECHNOIZE". This eleven track album comes in both digital and CD formats and includes two songs featured on their previous EP 'Mutant League' and 'Neurolace Failure'. You can purchase / stream this industrial, techno, and noise session directly below:

Snog - "Spätzle Machine"
Snog hits out again with a brand new EP titled "Spätzle Machine". Taking its name after a song released on their recently acclaimed album "Lullabies for the Lithium Age", "Spätzle Machine" features three remixes of songs off the album. The remixes were performed by V. Valentini of Fate Razor and Lightarmour Editions. You can stream / purchase the remixes directly below:

L - "Discipline"
This is the debut album of L, known for being the frontperson of Famblood. Industrial, EBM, and darkwave are all key to the sound on the Mexican-American producer's debut. The album has been released via record label Crunch Pod and can be streamed / purchased directly below:

Sly & The Family Drone - "Walk It Dry"
Noise seldom sounds so good then when it's made by the chaotic London outfit Sly & The Family Drone. Utilizing a combination of experimental sounds, doom-like riffs, janked out jazz, and more, the project has become a favorite for audiophiles throughout the underground scene. The project has just announced that their new album "Walk It Dry" will be released on July 17th, 2020 in digital, CD, and vinyl formats. You can stream / purchase it directly below:

Demon Machine - "World of Dust"
Electro-industrial project Demon Machine has recently had the pleasure of releasing their debut album "World of Dust" for the world to enjoy. This ten track album is...Well, it's quite well produced! I took a brief listen through the entirety of the album and walked away with a small grin on my face; 'Cruelty of Nature' is where it's at. The album is currently available digitally with the CD version available for pre-order with shipping dates on August 1st, 2020. Check it out:

Earthflesh + JUANITO))) - "Torres de Ruido"
Record label Basement Corner Emissions specializes in raw sounds and general harsh noise. So, you can probably skip on ahead if you don't like this type of thing as it is a very niche genre. Despite that, producers Earthflesh and JUANITO))) have released collaboration titled "Torres de Ruido". The continuous, thirty-four minute song is available for digital download and purchase directly below:

Kitka - 'Claudia'
Swedish electropop duo Kitka have released a brand new single titled 'Claudia'. This time inspired not only in part by the future but also synthwave; it still has the signature Kitka sound with soft dance leads combined with melodic vocals. You can purchase / stream the single directly below:

Decent News - "Monolith (Remixed)"
If you were looking for Decent News remixes then you're gonna get some Decent News remixes. This twenty-two track release features remixes off of the band's previous album "Monolith" and contains such names as: Wavepeak, Cyanotic, Slighter, Dead Agent, Isserley, and many more. You can purchase / stream the album directly below:

Cursed Mantis - "Cursed Mantis"
This self-titled, synthwave-meets-metal debut from Cursed Mantis is the brainchild between Gloom Influx, The Toilet, and Alojla. The nineteen track album was composed and produced by Gloom Influx with the lyrics and vocals directed by Alojla and The Toilet. Harmonious and clean vocals mix with those of death metal. It's a strange combination altogether but it works so well. You can stream / purchase the album directly below:

Ego Likeness - "Wolves"
A new EP from Ego Likeness hit just a few days ago and we have the pleasure of spreading it onto you. The four track EP features 'Wolves 2017', a Stoneburner remix of 'Aviary', an Out Out versus Stoneburner remix of 'Darkness', and a remix of 'Darkness' from Inertia. You can stream / purchase the EP directly below:

Jon Benderr - "Void Slip"
And now for something really chill and relaxing; Jon Benderr's "Void Slip". Introduced to Brutal Resonance when he released his album "Observer" via Werkstatt Recordings, Benderr returns with this ambient backed, synthwave, and sci-fi inspired EP. The album comes with seven tracks in total with one of them being a remix of 'Light Down' by Wyatt Donnelly. You can purchase / stream the EP directly below:

Wildnorthe - 'Sour' 
Wildnorthe is a darkwave / post-punk project from Lisbon, Portugal. Their presence and production skills caught the ear of record label Regulator Records last year and thus they released their album "Murmur" via the label in October of 2019. The support for the album is still going strong with the producers having just released a music video for their song 'Sour' which comes off of the album. It seems to follow a relationship in its final stages as one partner decides to take drastic actions on the other. Also, the music is pretty dope. Check it out: 

Signal Void - 'Pull Me Like Gravity (feat. King Protea)'
A new single from Signal Void has been released titled 'Pull Me Like Gravity'. The single features the voice of King Protea for a brilliant synthwave ballad. The single has been launched with a video on YouTube (stream below) and can be purchased via Bandcamp. The digital version of the single comes equipped with the regular song and an instrumental version. Check it out:
Night - 'I Want In'
Night is a British / Jamaican retrowave duo who grew up with the 80s in mind. I mean, the description of the video reads that "their music VHS tape was found in an abandoned Blockbuster Video deposit bin." That's retro as fuck. Anyway, the duo just released their music video / single titled 'I Want In' which can be streamed directly below:
StykFaktor - 'Distance'
StykFaktor's darkwave number 'Distance' focuses around the rough edges of trying to repair a broken relationship during quarantine's social distancing measures. The themes in the song have been described as when "You feel like you’ve moved on to a point at which you can start healing but now…simply cannot. It’s about heartbreak, love, pride, time, accountability, forgiveness…". You can stream the video directly below and you can purchase the single HERE.

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