CATTAC - The Sorrow in Me (Official Video)
Taken from the CATTAC album "Filthy Tendrils" ► Get it now: ↓↓↓↓ more infos below CATTAC - Filthy Tendrils (Release on October 23rd. 2020) Hypnotic beats quicken the pulse, dark electro sounds touch the soul’s depths and a striking voice gives the command: “Filthy Tendrils” is the new album of CATTAC! For eleven songs, the two felines Helm and Chris lead into eternal darkness and show the world that you have to break the standards of the gothic scene to shine. Stoical electro, industrial and dark pop rhythms heat up the atmosphere! At the same time sound aesthetic synthesiser evoke the famous Nineties’ feeling when Dark Wave bands just as COVENANT, SKINNY PUPPY or DEPECHE MODE as well as groups from other genres like TYPE O NEGATIVE or THE SISTERS OF MERCY. Inspired by the ghosts of those glorious times, the music of CATTAC balances between and beyond any borders and inhibitions. Rocking and electronic at the same time, the musicians touch with intelligent texts, flirt with electro, industrial, dark pop and dark wave, but open the genre beyond the borders. With „Filthy Tendrils” the duo delivers a very personal album. The lyrics are dealing with « Sadness », « Pain » and « farewell », a kind of own therapy. Sleepless nights beyond time in loneliness and silence or vivid hours in the club: The new album of CATTAC shines as bright and brilliant as its producers and changes cat-like between the moods. It’s a good decision to keep eyes and ears wide open in the darkness: Not all cats are grey by night. ----------------------------------------- LYRICS "CattaC - The Sorrow in Me" Can you see my tortured soul the sorrow within me? Can you feel my broken heart and my broken dreams? I don’t need a funeral I need no rose, not your tears I just want you to remember to the time with no fear Can you see my tortured soul Within me Listen to my words The sorrow In me it's time to leave ugly scars of my past what was I fighting for? Only that you forgive… Can you see my tortured soul Within me Listen to my words The sorrow In me Can you feel my scarred veins Within me Listen to my words The Sorrow in me it's time to leave i was a difficult guy Listen to my smiled words They will be my last I don´t need a funeral No rose, not your tears! Can you see my tortured soul Within me Listen to my words The sorrow In me ----------------------------------------- VIDEO CREDITS Camera: Kerstin Schnitzer, Noah Schinköthe Editing & Cutting: Jens Helmis ----------------------------------------- Follow CATTAC ► Website: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Spotify: ----------------------------------------- darkTunes Music Group Label for awesome metal and gothic music! ► Website: ► Our merch store: ► Facebook: ► Instagram: ► Twitch: ► Twitter: ► Spotify: Want to release some Metal or Gothic music, or do you want to submit your horror, sci-fi, dark thriller or fantasy film? Drop us a line! ----------------------------------------- #CattaC #darkTunes #Gothic #GothicMusic #Darkwave #DarkRock #DarkElectro #GothicLabel #MusicVideo #Music #Videoclip #Dark #DarkMusic #Grufti #DarkMerch #Label #Metal #MetalMusic #MetalLabel #Headbanger #Headbang #Metalhead
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