Vision Video - " Organized Murder" - Official Video
TW: Violence, torture, religious fervor, cult activity America has historically and continues to fetishize violence, force and warfare on behalf of " the greater good", and this video and song are an exploration of that concept. This is a representation of my experiences watching systematic violence used on behalf of morally bankrupt politically ideologies to meet their ends and economic hegemony by military domination across the third world. This video was shot, directed and edited by our dear friend, the visionary Erica Strout Playing the role of the cult's "Angel" is the incredible Julia Burke, whom can be found here: A massive thank you to the staff of the Historical Preservation Society of Lexington, particularly Evelyn Reece who made this project possible with access to the Beth-Salem Church in Lexington, Georgia. The church is available for projects, and booking inquiries can be sent to Lastly a major thank you to all our friends and family who came out to be our devout cult members. Organized Murder is available on all streaming platforms. For more of on Vision Video, visit
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