Maedon . American Dream (Unmasked Version)[SGD2002]
Buy Link: Label: Sonic Groove Artist: Maedon Title: Escape To Berlin Cat.Number: Format: Digital Release Date: SGD2002 After a several month hiatus due to the Covid madness, MÆDON releases her second EP, Escape to Berlin. as a precursor to her upcoming LP on Sonic Groove in early 2021.These tracks are all killer and no filler, all recorded here in Berlin in a tiny kitchen during the quarantine after arriving within 24 hours of Germany closing its borders to the outside world. Tracks: 1.American Dream (Unmasked Version) 2.Eye of the Needle 3.Pandemonium Follow Sonic Groove: WP - BC - SC - FB - Follow Maedon: FB - SC - Follow Us: Techno Cartel Facebook Page: Techno Cartel Facebook Group: Abaddon Soundcloud: Techno Cartel Instagram: Techno Cartel PayPal: Disclaimer: Copyrights are reserved to label and artist For other informations, don’t hesitate to contact:
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