Sainte Rave - Virtual Edition - Minuit Machine
Feel free to support us by donating through PayPal - _____________________________________________________ SETLIST: 1. Don't run from the fire 2. Fear of missing out 3. Danger 4.DRGS 5. Lovers of the night 6. Empty shell 7. To control 8. Prey/hunter _____________________________________________________ Produced by Synth Religion - Hélène de Thoury & Amandine Stioui Directed by Samy La Famille for executiveprod Post-Production - Hélène de Thoury Sound engineer - Fanny Gallicé Lighting engineer - Théo Lacombe Stage Manager - Benjamin Coyault Set Photographer - Anne Raffin Special thanks to Carol Landriot from Au Roi Gallery Full livestream available on Synth Religion YouTube channel.
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