mulpHia -2023- Darkness Falls (official lyric video)
05 // Darkness Falls darkness falls falls on earth mankind screams rise of death reign of dark darkness swallow the day chaos rules everywhere let the dark let the dark begin flesh will turn around gloomy thunder sounds and we fall and we fall in dark false prophets will rise dead idols become let the dark let the dark begin ampHelion (a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature odyssey) - part 2: voices of the immortals history of album: 2002 - Radical Shift (DEMO - first version) - referred to as RS :: instrumental demo done :: working on other projects for Advoxya rec. 2012 - ampHelion (1st reworked version) :: HDD crash - most of the project was saved and recovered, all lyrics was lost (in digital) :: back to the dark 2016-2018 - ampHelion (instrumental - final BC release) :: reworked version, updated :: full background video used for my show before HOCICO gig in Prague (2013) uploaded to YT 2023 - ampHelion (full "final" vocal version) - TBA :: complete conversion from x32 to x64 - system compatibility (DAW, plugins etc.), most of lyrics was found (original papers) - fixed & finished :: vocals production starts 2023 - Dawn of the Dark (ampHelion EP) 2023 - Sensory Perception (ampHelion EP) #EBM #EBMmusic #darkelectro #bandcamp #mulpHia #ampHelion #darkwave #gloom #sensory #perception #ampHelion #industrial
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