Toxikk Deception - Beast
Toxikk Deception is: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Violet Mallory - vocalist, synths, drum sequencing, composer, sound engineer Christopher Vaughn (aka Futuristlimited) - lyric writer, live keys, sampling Toxikk Deception "Beast" From the album "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE WARFARE" Year: 2023 DSBP Records Lyrics: She reminds me that I am still awake, shy and brilliant eyebrows, a figurine that plugs me into the memory, is she a beast to touch me, paint mockingbird songs on my chest wall, it's blood. Old joy formidable, talk is dusty winged gnats sputtering, holding my skin up for a pursing, you justify an organ sewing neat, so breathing in a carpet of flame, it's blood. Melting pills and darker poison, feeble wicked paper mind, she's running in a steel rose room, spinning me dizzy with foam, caged door screaming shut, it's blood. Hands coin fooling, a dime existing at your doorway, adieu to you with cries and whispers, the nickel framed light, a storm in the blackened aisle, it's blood. Sanguine existing, the nails of a merchant's art exposed, pale lip to the arduous scheme, am I cemented inside, moiled tormenting on my warm head, it's blood. Awake and watching you, organic fuel towards the sun, a milky silhouette concedes the dawn, am I a beast to touch her, paint mockingbird songs on her chest wall, it's blood. Copyright 2023 Toxikk Deception Copyright 2023 DSBP Records All Rights Reserved
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