Reichsfeind - Persona (Official Video)
PERSONA EP is out now Get it here: Directed by KLN Scripted by KLN & Timo Revna Camera: echoRausch & HLC Edit: Timo Revna Grading: echoRausch additional footage by Fabian Schneider Starring: Timo Revna, Tom Schubert, Juliane S. & Claudius E. LYRICS: don't come closer hunted by day huntress at night mixed up at first bite toxic inside queen in the first life cool and divine courted by mankind cold by design low life intentions highly reserved hell-bent on vengeance deeply disturbed you know the sentence one day we get what we fucking deserve don't come closer can't hurt my feelings if you don't come closer you like to play games don't come closer FOR MORE INFO CHECK OUT: (c) 2020 Alfa Matrix LOVE MUSIC. HATE RACISM.
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