Dark Asylum industrial Radio plays all kinds of dark music, and Dark Asylum draws together all the strands of the dark alternative subcultures, embracing everything from Rammstein's over-the-top industrial metal sounds to more atmospheric, moody songs like Seabound's synthpop/futurepop compositions. If you have a dark alternative sensibility, Dark Asylum is for you, whether you're a musician, DJ, dancer, writer, artist, clothing designer, or model, or just love to party at goth clubs and gigs.

Looking for a place to meet goths, industrial fans, dark musicians, and vampires online ? Look no further. Dark Asylum is the community for the alternative culture, bringing together DJs, dancers, artists, models, bands, clothing designers, writers, poets, and everyone else on the scene.

Dark Asylum was founded in 2000 first as a dark music industrial radio station, evolving into a full-blown social network for the alternative subculture in 2012. With regular news, exclusive videos, and great new music, Dark Asylum brings you the best of the dark side of the web

Whether you're into trad goth, aggrotech, post-punk, emo rock, dark trance, EBM, vampiric metal, synthpop, industrial, electro, hardwave, neo-folk, or power noise, or just want to meet goths, kinksters and vampires online, Dark Asylum is your number one resource on the web.