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Album By Richard James Poleski "The ILLUSION VOX" UK in Profile Music Album | Created 2021-10-01 12:00:57


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Description "HALLOWEENTIME IS HERE!" by "The ILLUSION VOX" is acoustic guitars, electronic keyboards, percussions & vocals. EMMENSE Gothic Surreal Soundtracks! Vocal/Synth; Mr The Mage Percussions; Fallen Angel. Artisan/Musician; 'Richard James Poleski'
Lyrics -"Halloweentime is near! Halloweentime is here! -repeat- See you in my dreams at night! See you in that nightmare light! See you on that scary night! See you are a frightening sight! -repeat- Werewolves and vampires fright! Frankenstein and ghostly light! Mummy and invisible man! Don't forget Bride of Frankenstein! -repeat- Werewolves and vampires fright! Undead spirits spooky sight! A supernatural ghostly light! A ghastly horrific bloody night! -repeat verse(s)1/2/3- Candy \ud83c\udf6c and costumes that scare! Don't forget the \ud83d\udc7f devil's care!" -repeat verse(s) 1/2/3- Guitar/Vocal/Lyrics By: 'Mr The Mage'. Drums: Fallen Angel. \u00a9Richie'Dickie'JamesPoleskiArtMusic.