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Zombie Chris

Chris Houston's Album: DJ Zombie Chris

DESCRIPTION : Few Photo`s of me in action whilst zombied up

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  • Chris Houston
    Chris Houston I suspect my happiness is directly related to the amount of Nine inch nails in my hand

    dawn of the dead??????? if it isn't im locking myself in the bathroom and crying!
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  • kellina sue green
    kellina sue green yea. I thought about using a subquestion pertaining to Romero and the year of such. But, you, me and Our Site Admin all know what the deal is. So, fuck the sheep. Go BAH at sum Toxic Avenger or sumthin to pretend yr kool. I am sooo anti sheep today...
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  • kellina sue green
    kellina sue green i'd like to lock ya in the bathroom and wash yr proverbial mask of selfworth off. Yr a really attractive ginger. I hate it that you feel a need to present or hide yrself behind such. Doesn't yr girlfriend coddle and reaffirm such? Or does she lock you in...  more
    June 17, 2013
  • Chris Houston
    Chris Houston The make up is to stop the obvious fame I have attracted from my DJ skills that may hinder me in my normal life, cant be arsed beating off all my fans with a stick whilst doing my day job
    June 18, 2013