Produced by Hapax ©2016 Video Credits ++ Camera & Photography by Franco Mozzillo from Frames studio http://francomozzillo.it/ ++ Editing & Video images for projection by Diego Cardone ++ Post Production & Color correction by Giovanni Saviano http://www.giovannisaviano.com/ video maker and Stefania Giacco video editor & post producer http://stefaniagiacco.it/ ++ Lights designer by Michele Mozzillo,Nello Gambardella, Salvatore Nappi from Summese Service http://www.summeseservice.it/ ++ Industrial percussions: Adriano Maria Poledro ++ Collaborator & music agency : Sossio Aversana from Mind World Music agency https://www.facebook.com/MindWorldmus... Music credits + Produced by Hapax for Swiss Dark Nights label distribution + Lyrics & Voice by Michele Mozzillo + Guitar, Bass,Synth and Drum programming by Diego Cardone + Guitar recorded at Italy Sound lab & NloolN Studios https://www.facebook.com/islitalysoun... + Bass & Voice recorded at RedBox studios Mixed & Mastered at Red Box studios, 2016 https://www.facebook.com/RedBoxRecord... Copyright ©2016, Diego Cardone. All rights reserved. Vitriol "And men, with his pride, had God created after His own image and likeness." Walk alone it leads us to despair the cuts on my arms the constant cold dipping the skin in a loving slime remember where you come from Hope is a trap Blinding mist of illusions Amen Bringing for a minute a glimpse of eternity that we would stretch over the whole time the cuts on my arms i scrape off the skin's crust is there something that shakes the mirror? remember where you come from Hope is a trap Blinding mist of illusions Amen
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