Emigrate - Freeze My Mind (Official Video)
Freeze My Mind by Emigrate Stream on ► https://smg.lnk.to/emigrate_freezemymind Preorder THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY ► https://smg.lnk.to/Emigrate_ThePOM_PreOrder  Emigrate's album "A million Degrees" ► http://umg.lnk.to/emigrate_amilliondegrees  Subscribe to YT channel here ► http://bit.ly/EmigrateYT Follow Emigrate Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/Emigrate/  Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/emigrateofficial/  Twitter ► https://twitter.com/emigrateband  Web ► http://www.emigrate.eu/  About Emigrate: Emigrate. The one-time project has become more than that. Much more.  The three studio albums "EMIGRATE"  (2007), "SILENT SO LONG (2014) and  "A  MILLION DEGREES" (2018), prove that squarely behind Emigrate stands Richard  Zven Kruspe - an extremely creative mind who needs the freedom to explore  his music and his vision in ways outside of Rammstein.  The new studio album, THE PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY is set for release on November 5th. It is a special jewel indeed, with the nine featured songs bringing together ideas that Richard has collected across the last two decades. Industrial Rock, Rock with electronic elements, however you choose to describe it, there’s no question that the songs here always contain a strong sense of melody, as rousing as they are deep.  So far and yet so close. Emigrate 2021. Video Credits: FREEZE MY MIND // a film by ANUK ROHDE & RICHARD Z. KRUSPE https://instagram.com/anukrohde // https://instagram.com/richard_von_rammstein DIRECTOR: Anuk Rohde // https://instagram.com/anukrohde DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Pat Aldinger // https://instagram.com/pataldingerdp PRODUCTION COMPANY: VERBWIDEWEB // https://instagram.com/verbwideweb EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Dominik Braz Bittrich // https://instagram.com/domingobraz PRODUCER: Giulia Branse // https://instagram.com/giuliabrsi EDITOR: David Gesslbauer // https://instagram.com/davidgesslbauer COLORIST: Manuel Portschy // https://instagram.com/manuport 1st AC: David Geiser // https://instagram.com/davogaiser GAFFER: Jonathan Benetau // https://instagram.com/jonathan_beneteau SPARK: François Everwyn // https://instagram.com/niwreve STYLING: Fabiana Vardaro // https://instagram.com/fvardaromelchiorri STYLING ASSISTANT: Filomena Ianniciello // https://instagram.com/filomenaianniciello MAKE UP: Leana Ardeleanu // https://instagram.com/leana.ardeleanu MAKE UP ASSISTANT: Caroline Raick // https://instagram.com/caroline.raick HAIR: Kathrin Andress // https://instagram.com/redtrainshanks PRODUCER ASSISTANT: Maxime Fleischer // https://instagram.com/mxm_mi PRODUCTION RUNNER: Carl Taegert // https://instagram.com/carltaegert SET RUNNER: Marius Wirth // https://instagram.com/mwzdzun LOCATION: Black Box Music // https://instagram.com/bbmberlin Lyrics: Life here is vanishing I blink and it's a new day It all moves in such a blur I think we're in the future It seems like yesterday Beam back to make a difference Ice is chilling in my mind Time has left me far behind Come with me Lost again New dimension Freeze my mind Freeze my mind My world is fantasy You can't believe it's changing Stuck in reality My ride is slowly ending It's for eternity Revolves in constant motion Lost again New dimension Take notes No pretention Freeze my mind Freeze my mind Freeze my mind Lost again New dimension Take notes No pretention Freeze my mind Freeze my mind (Lost again) Freeze my mind (It's for eternity) Freeze my mind (Lost again) Freeze my mind (It's for eternity) #Emigrate #FreezeMyMind #OfficialVideo
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